“What’s the quickest and easiest way to
create and formalise
the confidentiality in a business relationship?”

Angélique, 42, Business Owner   Watch Angéliques’ story for a simple NDA

“How can I deal more
easily with my portfolio
of standard contracts?”

Carlos, 50, Contract Manager  Watch Carlos’ simple approach to Contract Management

“How can I access a
digital signature for free?”

Monika, 38, Legal Counsel  Watch how Monika digitally signs a document

“How can I find reliable
standard contract
templates and adapt
them to my own

Robert, 30, Entrepreneur

The answer is simple

The answer is simplifire

Welcome to a platform for digital contract negotiations,
supporting collaboration.

helping the world to agreeTM
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  • Test a new approach to contracting, promoting the World Commerce & Contracting Standards.
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helping the world to agreeTM



Why Simplifire?

Contract sharing and negotiation can be an arduous and time consuming task.
The to and fro can often result in time wasting, stalemate or even legal disputes.
Enter Simplifire — a common sense, easy-to-use, online platform that facilitates
contract negotiation, helping multiple parties to agree.

Start negotiating with your counterparties right now.

We provide functionality that drives
contract agreement.

By devising the key functionalities that you’ll need most,
your Simplifire experience will be easy and pain-free.
Start negotiating with your counterparties right now. 

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Reach out to colleagues in your User Group to approve contracts, or individual terms and conditions.


The entire audit trail of all
your projects in one


Insert WCC or other Contract Standards with
one click.


Sign documents without printing them out and
save time and trees.


Create your network of Partners and drive the exchange of
contract versions with control
and optimism.


We will listen to your needs on further functionality and try to build them for you.

Watch it in action