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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Simplifire for?

Simplifire offers a digital alternative for any kind of process that involves the exchange and amendment of written documents between parties. Its principal focus is approving and negotiating worded contracts. Most such processes still happen via the exchange of emails with attachments, which tends to fragment the audit trail. Simplifire allows you to have the whole audit trail in one place so you can look up the history of modifications from the initial draft and follow any explanations providing during the negotiation about why they took place and what they mean.

What is the WCC (ex-IACCM) ?

It stands for World Commerce & Contracting. It is a not-for-profit organization which seeks to enable “organizations and professionals to achieve world-class standards in their trading relationships”. The WCC does a lot of practical research around the subject of contracting, including the publication of Clause Standards, which are all integrated into Simplifire. See more on https://www.worldcc.com/

How do I insert Contract Standards into a document?

In setting up a new Project, you select “Apply WCC Principles”, then you will be offered the option of selecting clauses for insertion.

What is the Simplifire Data Security Policy?

The Data Security Policy can be found here.

How can I invite someone to the platform?

Through your Address Book, under “Find Partners” or by sharing a document directly to a non registered user.

What is a Group?

A Group is a group of colleagues working together, who can opt to treat each other as “insiders” and to share their Projects with others in the Group. Typically, a Group would mean employees of the same company, or colleagues working in departments.

How can I create a Group?

Through your Address Book, under “Groups”.

How does eSignature work?

When setting up the Project, you need to apply the requirement for a signature to finish the process off. At the end of the process, once everything is agreed, you will be offered the signing process.

Will there be more functionality over time?

Absolutely! We have lots of ideas and we think you will too. Please let us know what you need or suggest: Contact.

Why is the tool called Simplifire?

Our approach is to simplify contracting processes. At its simplest, during a contract negotiation you “simply fire” a document backwards and forwards a few times, changing certain parts, until a mutually agreeable version develops.

Contracting has become complex over the years, with lengthy documents and difficult agreement processes.

We hope Simplifire will reduce that complexity.

What is readability? How is it calculated?

It is a metric known as the Flesch-Kincaid equation – it represents the educational level required to read a document of that complexity. The higher the number the more complex the document according to the Flesch-Kincaid equation, which is based principally around the length of words and the length of sentences.

What are the Contract Standards?

They are a collection of conformed clause standards that reflect an amalgamation of mass data analytics of standard agreements, the WCC Contracting Principles, and the WCC Contract Design Pattern Library.  They were developed by Contract Standards in partnership with World Commerce & Contracting and currently focus on conformed clause standards for Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Master Service Agreements (MSAs) and Data-Sharing Agreements (DSAs), with more to follow.

What is the Simplifire Privacy Policy?

The Privacy Policy can be found here.

What are the Simplifire Terms of Use

The Terms of Use can be found here.

How can I invite someone who is already on the platform to partner with me on a project?

Just put their user name in the tool and find them. If they agree to transact with you they will be added to your list of Partners. This means that in future you can send them other contracts to discuss.

Does Simplifire provide Legal Advice?

No. In no way! We make WCC Clause Standards available to you, but do not provide advice about their fitness for purpose in any specific situation. If you need legal advice, please go to an attorney.

What is «Open Sharing»?

This is an option within Groups. When you set up a Group, one of the options is to openly share documents with the rest of the Group. They can see them, but they can’t edit them. “Documents” here means individual contracts and resources such as templates.

What are the licensing model and fees?

Simplifire has – of course – a very simple licensing model with moderate fees.

Category Projects/User/Year Company Size Cost per User
Mini <10 Projects <10 Employees Free
Midi Unlimited <100 Employees €100/Year
Maxi Unlimited ≥100 employees €200/Year

Plus: The first year is free!

Training made simple

Learn how simple and impactful it can be to use Simplifire.

Simplifire comes with some content – clauses and templates. What is that content, how do you find it and what can you do with it? We run through a practical demonstration of the application