Simplifire is the first free digital contracting solution that offers users worldwide a new platform where they can perform legal contracting, access contract templates, ensure an audit trail, stamp e-signature and file contracts in a secured cloud based system.







Zurich, Switzerland. November 25, 2020 – A new digital contracting platform called Simplifire has been launched today to enhance the way businesses can contract during these socially distanced times.

Apart from being in high demand for digital and remote contracting between parties, Simplifire prides itself on providing a free platform as part of a Benefit Corporation strategy. The new platform enables entrepreneurs, start-ups and Small/Medium Enterprises to level up with access to resources which are normally the preserve of wealthy corporates. Similarly to LinkedIn, only large, established companies and users who choose a premium service will need to pay.
Rory Unsworth, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Simplifire said “We believe that by offering businesses a free and secure platform to meet, engage and execute agreements with standards we can help to bring the parties closer together from the start of the discussion. That’s the beauty of using standards, and of sharing standards. Companies can pull something off the shelf and save time and costs, and focus instead on building their business. “

He added, “We are hoping that users can also share contracting resources and advice amongst themselves.  I see Simplifire becoming a community, bringing contracting practices and resources into a shared space. The platform aspect is important, because at the moment contracting is heavily over-lawyered.”
Simplifire allows one-click access to a library of resources from World Commerce & Contracting, adhering to the highest contracting standards providing Simplifire users the confidence that they have covered all bases to protect their interests. The user can also exchange specific provisions during a negotiation of terms as well as go through the digital signing, execution and filing process.

Dave Ebbitt, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Simplifire, said “Continuous improvement to streamline digital contracting is our aim at Simplifire. With free Cloud based storage, all parties to a contract can track and access all agreements made in any business deals. We are pleased to deliver Simplifire to help businesses of all sizes advance their workflow processes.  For years, accounting has been done online – why not contracts?”

Built with expertise from real world experience, Simplifire took more than 12 months of development, testing and feedback that has been incorporated into the implementation of its design, ensuring a smooth user experience.

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Simplifire provides contract management software solutions for individual users, businesses and corporations. Simplifire is revolutionizing the way people negotiate and agree in contracts to managing legal issues across the world. The website can be found at
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